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Is cannabis addictive? Information

Is Cannabis Addictive?

Any conscientious fan of cannabis will eventually ask themselves if it is addictive. And for those using cannabis daily, you may wonder if there is cause for concern. This is an important question to ask about any substance, as it indicates mindfulness and personal responsibility.  Overall, studies conducted on cannabis and addiction have concluded that

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Chillum Glass one-hitters are available from our online dispensary

What is a Chillum?

Just as cave paintings preceded fine art, cannabis smoking paraphernalia also has an origin story that begins with the chillum. While the original chillum design might look unfamiliar, it spawned standard modern equivalents like the glass one-hitter. That doesn’t mean that all chillums are one-hitters. Chillums with larger bowls can accommodate group sessions. Indeed, having

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tips and tricks to fight the weed munchies

How to Manage Weed Munchies

Weed munchies are a common side effect associated with cannabis consumption. If you’ve watched any stoner film, you’ve watched the characters embark on outrageous quests to the 7/11 to satisfy their seemingly incorrigible need for all the junk food. The munchies are not just an unfounded stereotype! Some cannabis users do experience an intense food

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