High Tea CBD Teas

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Each package contains 10 CBD:THC infused tea bags.

Each tea bag contains 10mg CBD : 0.5mg THC.

For a total of 100mg CBD : 5mg THC per package.

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CBD Tea Information

CBD Tea by High Tea is an exceptional line of cannabis-infused herbal loose-leaf tea blends. Each package contains 10 servings of high-quality tea with 10 mg CBD and 0.5mg THC per serving. This cannabis herbal tea is an excellent way to start or end the day. They are available in Calming and Tranquility.

This tea helps relieve stress, inflammation, pain, nausea, and cramps. Try adding coconut oil or butter during brewing for a delicious tea latte that also helps with the digestion of cannabinoids. We recommend that you brew your tea for at least 10 minutes. The potency of the THC’s effects has compounded the longer the tea steeps. In other words, the longer you steep your marijuana tea bags, the stronger your cup is going to be.

Available in Calming and Tranquility. If CBD isn’t your cup of tea, you can try THC Teas for a more psychoactive alternative.

What Are Edibles?

Cannabis Edibles are any food that has been infused with Cannabinoids, typically THC and/or CBD. You can find them in a wide variety of products, but they often come in the form of a dessert. Popular variations include Brownies, Cookies, Chocolates or Gummies. In reality, any recipe that calls for oil or butter can be made into a Cannabis Edible.

The body processes Cannabinoids differently when ingested rather than inhaled. As a result, the effects are unique. When ingested, Cannabis is absorbed through the digestive tract and processed through the liver. Even though this delays the effects, it drastically increases potency and duration. In some cases, Edibles can take up to an hour to take effect and last upwards of 6 hours.

How to Dose Edibles

Everyone experiences Cannabis differently, and this is no different for Edibles. Due to their delayed onset and extended duration, a little trial and error is required.

First, read the packaging to understand the dosing information. Edible packages should always include milligram dosages by serving and by package.

Second, whether or not you have previously eaten can play a critical factor. Eating edibles on an empty stomach will cause the effects to onset much more rapidly than someone who has recently eaten or has a full stomach.

To learn more about edibles, you can make at home, check out our blog Cooking with Cannabis 101.


Calming, Tranquility


High Tea

2 reviews for High Tea CBD Teas

  1. Julia

    After having the THC teas I figured I would try the calming CBD one, it worked, I was super calm, but the experience was definitely different than the THC tea. Like I was calm, and I knew I was calm, but I didn’t know why I was calm, like it worked without me knowing. Either way still fantastic before bed tea,I just prefer the kick

  2. Frankie

    My mom, who is stubborn as all hell, conplained about her arthritis, but would never in her life take anything even remotely related to marijuana or hemp for it.

    So guess who came over with Chamomile Tea for her “arthritis”, the best daughter in the world thats who.

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