4 Piece Metal Grinder – 2 1/2″

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One 4-piece metal grinder

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Metal Cannabis Grinder

The 4 Piece Metal Grinder doesn’t just grind your Cannabis; it harvests precious trichrome crystals for you as well. The genius design adds a screen and an extra bottom chamber. While you are grinding your Cannabis, the trichomes fall off the flowers and collect underneath. The larger trichomes will stay with your newly ground cannabis. The smaller ones will pass through the screen and collect for you to smoke. These collected trichomes, or Keif, are made up of pure THC crystals. In addition, the 4 Piece Metal Grinder is made from non-stick metals, so even more THC crystals are saved.

Sacred Meds offers a carefully curated collection of the best Cannabis Accessories in Canada. Our goal is to help you customize your Cannabis experience. We believe that enjoying Cannabis should be easy and relaxing. With this in mind, we believe the quality of our Cannabis Accessories deserves the same high standards that we apply to our wide variety of Cannabis-based Products, like 4 Piece Metal Grinders.

At SacredMeds, we have various Cannabis Accessories to help you find the experience that best suits your needs. If you are looking for something a little more simple, check out our selection of multi-coloured Plastic Grinders. They are lightweight and super portable, so that you can bring them anywhere.

1 review for 4 Piece Metal Grinder – 2 1/2″

  1. Darryl

    I love this grinder! I used a wood one for many years and it’s showing it’s age so I thought now’s the time to upgrade.
    It has a Teflon washer to prevent the top from sticking when grinding. Keep the fines separated from the buds so in time I’ll have some top quality Keif. I sure wish I would have bought this years ago. Works like a charm, smooth as silk.

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