Kratom is made from the leaves of the Kratom tree, which is an evergreen tree that grows in parts of South-East Asia. Kratom leaves have been used for centuries as a stimulant, relaxant and pain reliever, as well as treating opioid addiction.

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Kratom is an evergreen tree in the coffee family native to south-east Asia, specifically; Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea and Thailand. Its origins trace back to the early 19th century. Used primarily to treat chronic pain and opioid addiction, Kratom boosts energy, appetite, and desire, similar to Khat or Coca.

Varieties of Kratom

The most common Kratom producing regions are Bali, Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar. Each of these regions carries slightly in effects, based on the soil and environment in which the Kratom tree grows. Besides these slight regional variations, Kratom comes in three distinct varieties; Red Vein, green, and white.

Red Vein

Of all the varieties, Red Vein Kratom is the most popular, and as a result, the most widely used. It has many beneficial effects, including an increased sense of calm, relief from anxiety, and muscle relaxant to aid in sleep and treat opioid addiction.

White Vein

White Vein Kratom tends to be far milder in pain relief. However, they are much more robust in euphoria and stimulation. As a result, people report increased alertness, energy, and focus. Some people like to use White Kratom as an exercise stimulant. However, it is essential to remember that higher doses of WHite Kratom can disturb sleeping patterns and keep you awake.

Green Vein

For a balance of red and White Kratom, Green Vein is the way to go. Their stimulating effects are much milder than White Kratom, and their pain-relieving and anti-anxiety properties are still potent. In addition, green Vein Kratom helped promote overall mood, cheerfulness and sociability.


For first-time users, it is best to start with a small dose, 1-2 grams. You can expect to feel the effects within 60 minutes of ingestion, and they typically last between 2-6 hours, depending on the dose.

Though everyone experiences Kratom differently, you can use some averages to dose accordingly. For example, use 1-2 grams; for a medium dose, use 3-5 grams; and for a large dose, use 6-12 grams.

For those with lots of experience, you may need high doses of 12-18 grams to experience the full effects. These doses are usually reserved for people who are recovering from opioid withdrawal.

Those using Kratom for exercise or mood enhancement should only use small doses, under 2 grams. Kratom can build up a dependency in the body and cause severe side effects with prolonged use. Therefore, it’s always best to use moderation when consuming Kratom.

Effects of Kratom

As mentioned before, each variety of Kratom has slightly different effects. Generally, lower doses of 5 grams and under have a much more stimulating effect, providing increased energy, alertness and physicality.

Higher doses of 6 grams and up can cause extreme euphoria and provide “dream-like” states. These effects come with increased happiness and pleasurability. However, Kratom can cause nausea in more significant amounts, so it is best to make sure you keep your doses low.

Side Effects

The most common side effects of Kratom are nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and vomiting. In addition, in many cases, people report increased heart rate and blood pressure. As a result, you should never mix Kratom with other stimulants. It is, however, safe to mix Kratom with cannabis.

Kratom can cause dependency when used in large amounts or for an extended period. Therefore, it is always safest to consume Kratom in small doses and not use it too often. Instead, save it for special occasions or when you need a boost both mentally and spiritually.

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