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OTG (On The Go) Vape Pens are buttonless for convenient use and access. They have one setting, all you need to do is draw to use them.

What are OTG Vapes?

We’re glad you asked, please allow us explain. Vaping is the act of vaporizing Cannabis, and Vapes are the vaporizers themselves. Still confused? Well hey, let’s start from the beginning.

Even as early as 440BC, the first methods of Vaporizing Cannabis were documented. No cartridges or batteries, but Cannabis seeds placed on heated stones and inhaled to inspire joy. The modern day Vaporizers draw their origins to a series of articles that date back to 1989. Vaping was said to be a much healthier alternative to smoking because it produced no tar or carbon dioxide.

OTG Vaporizers, or Vapes as they are now commonly referred to, work by heating Cannabis to just before the point of combustion. In doing so, they release the precious Cannabinoids and Terpenes from the Cannabis without burning anything.

As a result, you get a light Vapor without all of the carcinogens associated with smoking. OTG Vapes achieve this with the use of tiny ceramic coils mounted inside the Atomizer. Most current Vapes have a four part construction; A mouthpiece to draw from, a cartridge containing Cannabis Oil, an Atomizer to heat the oils, and a battery to power the Atomizer. Their simple construction makes them incredibly easy to use.

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