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CannaWraps is on of Canada’s premier Cannabis Accessories companies. Their amazing, easy-rolling, original wraps are made of 100% pure hemp. As a result, they never contain any nicotine or tobacco, ever. CannaWraps are also infused with several added hemp terpenes to increase both flavour and experience. These wraps are made with a natural sugar gum for a unique, slow and smooth smoking experience. In addition, because they are 100% Pure Hemp, Canna Wraps are also 100% Vegan. Finally, each individual package has a zip-lock top making them resealable to keep your wraps fresh.

Wraps are in fact the original form of rolling Cannabis. Before the production of paper, tobacco and marijuana were “wrapped” in either their own leaves, or the dried leaves of similar plants. Cigars are still produced this way even after thousands of years.

CannaWraps offer a full flavoured, extra slow burning smoking experience. They are easy to roll and easy to smoke, making them the favourite of routine Cannabis users. At Sacred Meds, we offer Canna Wraps in both Grape and Honey flavours to help you find the experience that best suits your needs.

Sacred Meds offers a carefully curated collection of the best Cannabis Accessories available in Canada. Our goal is to help you customize your Cannabis experience. We believe that enjoying Cannabis should be easy and relaxing. With this in mind, we believe the quality of our Cannabis Accessories deserves the same high standards that we apply to our wide variety of Cannabis based Products.

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