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We understand times are tough, at SacredMeds we always offer our members a collection of cannabis ounces for under $100. Our goal is to provide convenient access to quality natural health products for all Canadians of Legal Age. Part of that convenience is access to medical cannabis without the inflated costs of government stores or websites. No tricks or gimmicks, just premium quality Canadian Craft Cannabis for under $100 delivered right to your doorstep.

At SacredMeds we offer a variety of ounces for under $100 to help you find the experience that best suits your needs.


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Ounce Deals

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$98 Ounces

Lindsay OG Kush

This Lindsay OG Kush Indica Dominant Hybrid is a rare strain made from the legendary OG Kush. Also known as Lindsay Kush or Lindsay OG, this Indica Dominant Hybrid ( 60% Indica / 40% Sativa) packs a serious punch with THC raging upwards of 23%. A true hybrid lover’s dream, Lindsay OG Kush offers both an intensely stimulating mind high and a powerful deeply relaxing body buzz. Sweet Skunk and heavy gas are apparent even through the bag as Lindsay OG’s pungent aroma is unmistakably from the OG Kush parent strain.

Master Pink Kush

This Master Pink Kush is a bright and notably cerebral strain. This 90% indica dominant hybrid is a crossing of Master Kush and Pink Kush, both of which are also Indica hybrids. Though its genealogy is decidedly indica dominant, the cerebral effects of Master Pink rival those of many stronger sativas. With a strongly dominant indica profile, Pink Kush reliably provides a pleasantly potent and powerful full body-sedating effect. However, these effects are countered by an overwhelming euphoria and heady introspection. Master Pink can give way to bursts of creative energy and sociability, making it ideal for social situations.

Pink Bubba

This Pink Bubba Indica Hybrid Strain is a rare, special cross of the infamous Bubba Kush and the cult classic Pink Kush. A 95% indica dominant strain, Pink Bubba is a heavy-hitting sedative sought after for its potent medicinal qualities. Crafted by Green Supreme, this cross delivers a powerfully uplifting buzz to the mind. In addition, it gently soothes the body’s aches and pains. This pure Indica will induce an intense, numbing full-body high that takes effect quickly after the euphoric state of mind. As a result, we recommend it for mostly nighttime use.

Wedding Cake

This Wedding Cake Indica Dominant Hybrid is an exceptionally potent and wildly delicious strain. It is a masterful crossing of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies, both of which are Indica-Dominant Hybrids themselves. The Cherry and Cookie flavours come together in a beautiful mix of sweet and fruity, and the effects will leave you wanting more. With a cannabinoid range of up to 25% THC, Wedding Cake acts as a powerful sedative while also helping to reduce anxiety and stress.

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